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When you book an event with us, our team will contact you via email to answer all of your questions and confirm the date, time, and details of your event. If you choose our movie package, we will also be in contact to discuss your movie choice. Movie recommendations can be sent upon request. Our team will install the required equipment. A team member will remain on site for the duration of the event to ensure everything related to the installation works well. Once the movie or the rental service is over, we will take down the equipment and be on our way.

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Can you play a movie during daytime?

There is a limit to what a projector can do during sunlight since the projector has to compete directly with the brightness of the sun. Even with our 5 000 lumens projector, it is a challenge to project during sunlight. For daytime reservations, we recommend an inside event or a location close to shade to have the best projection experience.

Can you get new movies?

Depending on studios and release dates, we can usually get new movies once they go out on DVD. For some studios, different rules apply. Send your question to us at and we will be glad to respond and check for you.

Why do you need a movie license?

Visit the copyright page of ACF-Films here for more information

How do you get movie licenses?

We deal with a movie license provider that deals directly with the different movie studios. The company from which we buy movie licenses is ACF-Films. Since we buy a lot of movie licenses with them, we have the best prices around. For your event, we take care of buying the movie license for you. You also have the choice of buying your own movie license with a provider. Proof of the movie licenses will be needed before your event.

If we want to project a slide show of various content on the screen, how would it work?

Yes, with our Project Anything package, you have the option to send us your files or your slide show via email. We will then be able to project it on the screen. Our setup is connected with an HDMI cable. We provide the HDMI so if you want to project something from your laptop or video game console, ensure you have the HDMI port. Not sure if you have it? Send us a picture before your event and we will let you know.

I want to rent the MEGA screen to organize an event but do not have the space for it...

We have different spots available to rent in the Ottawa region. Let us know in advance and we will be glad to help you out. A fee will also be charged to find the lot and a fee to rent the land will also be applied. Prices may vary depending on the client's needs and difficulty of finding the land.


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